Digital printing is a modern method of printing digital-based images directly from electronic files. This method of printing produces high quality and more accurate data. If you still wonder why you should spend more on digital printing, below are sufficient reasons.

Short Turnaround

If you need something printed urgently, then opt for digital printing. This is because there is minimal set-up, and no plates are prepared thanks to the in-built colour registration system. The turnaround is impressively short.

High-Quality Print

You will be assured of high-end products when using digital printing. Digital printed graphics and colours are of high-quality since digital technology has advanced a lot. A good example is HP Indigo Liquid ElectroInk Process, which uses a blanket to transfer ink to the media, yielding smooth print. The quality of the last product to be printed will be of the same quality as that of the first.

Cost Effective

Digital printing does not require plates, so the initial set-up cost is minimal, and the production cycle is short. So for a single job, you will invest very little, and get outstanding value, especially for small print tasks.


In digital printing, you can print samples to check the quality and accuracy of the work before beginning the real printing. It is also easy to adjust colours to achieve the quality of work you desire.

Efficient Small Volume Printing

Since there is no set-up cost, it is possible to print small amounts commonly referred to as short-run labels. It is also possible to order only the amount you want at that time and then order the rest later when the need arises.

Digital printing should be your first choice when you need printing. You will be sure of getting high-quality and accurate work at a short turnaround. It is also convenient for both small and medium volume printing tasks.